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June 16, 2018

We love the hot colors this summer from bubblegum pink to lilac purple.  

February 11, 2018

We can make any size pillowcase you want, in almost any fabric you see on our website.   

If you want to send us a photo of your bedroom, color swatch link, or just describe a few styles you like and the colors you are looking for, we will start searching for the perfect combination of fabrics we make into your new favorite pillowcases!  

January 6, 2018


According to many magazines and blogs there are lots of trends you can add to your bedroom now, if you want to be trendy.  Olive green, black/white patterns, rich tones, floral patterns and more.  The easiest way to update your guest or bedroom is to simply change the pillowcases.  

October 22, 2017

10 HOME TRENDS THAT WILL SHAPE YOUR HOUSE IN 2017 - #3 is Mixed Patterns in your home.  

We do that!


August 3, 2017

All of our pillowcases are made with french cuffs, this is a tricky method especially because we add the little trim piece but it is important for our clients to have the best quality constructed pillowcase.  A french cuff ensures that there are no showing seams between the cuff and body.  Here is a picture of the top and bottom of a new nap pillow!

July 28, 2017

Sometime Microfiber, which is polyester, polyamide and/or polypropylene, or pretty much plastic, is being used for inexpensive bedding including pillowcases.  If you have ever tried to cut and sew microfiber you will have seen how easily It falls apart, threads pull out, and doesn't drape well as it is too light weight.

Medium weight cotton not only drapes more elegantly it also holds up to many more washing and use.  As pillowcases can get a lot of use, often falling apart before the sheet set they are sold with,...

May 7, 2017

While selecting the best "standard" size for our pillowcase (which is 20inches by 30inches), we looked at lots of pillows and pillowcase and found as much as a 4 inch difference.  This difference could make your pillowcases look too big or too small.  Over the years the standard size of pillows has grown to what used to be called queen size.  Todays standard size pillow cases is just 6 inches shorter than a king size.  Older pillows and pillowcases may not fit with new ones.  Older pillowcases may not hold the new larger s...

January 14, 2017

Have you looked at how you current pillowcases are constructed?  They used to be carefully constructed with three pieces of fabric a body, cuff and small trim accent with medium cotton weight.  Today they are often one piece of fabric with a fold at the cuff, and a single stitch, no trim, no decorative detail.  Maybe this is due to overseas manufacturing or just a lack of attention to detail.  To lower prices, the materials used in bedding is increasing lower quality lighter weight cotton.  Sometime Microfiber, which is po...

January 2, 2016

As the year comes to an end and we think about what we have done and where we are going.  I started thinking about where I spent time in my house.  I do my best thinking in bed, looking at the cool wall color, fun art, and family photos.  To many people the bedroom is the sanctuary in their house, often never shown to guest even on house tours.  The bedroom is a private, intimate space and Pretty Pillowcases was launches to honor the importance of this yard of fabric can be in your life.  

November 14, 2015

The first time I made custom pillowcases for a guest bedroom, I picked a fun voile fabric but the weight was too light.  The type of cotton was clearly different from the body and the cuff.  The size was off (they were supposed to be king size), and the colors were not great with the other colors in the room.  It wasn't until I upgraded to high end designer fabric that the colors and type of material really went together.
Good Luck with your designs!

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